Silicon Science and Advanced Micro-Device Engineering I

Volume 459

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Kenji Kakiage, Emi Fujimura, Masayuki Abe, Hajime Shinoda, Toru Kyomen, Minoru Hanaya

Abstract: As a means to make a flexible dye-sensitized solar cell (DSSC), we prepared a TiO2 electrode by using a micro-metal textile made...

Authors: Keiju Yamazaki, Masanao Imai

Abstract: The impact of physicochemical character of the W/O microemulsion droplet on the reactivity of phospholipase A2 (PLA2)...

Authors: Kazuo Itoh, Hirokazu Hirai, Tetsuya Ando, Kazuya Takagi, Katsuya Noguchi

Abstract: We demonstrated a simple UV nanoimprint method using vacuum packing. A glass substrate and a Si mold dropped with a photo-curable resist...

Authors: Takuro Tamura, Yasunari Tanaka, Takashi Akahane, You Yin, Sumio Hosaka

Abstract: In this study, we investigated the possibility of forming the fine Si dot arrays by means of electron beam (EB) lithography and dry etching...

Authors: Miftakhul Huda, You Yin, Sumio Hosaka

Abstract: In this study, we investigate self-assembled large-area nanodot fabrication on a silicon substrate using...

Authors: Takashi Akahane, Miftakhul Huda, You Yin, Sumio Hosaka

Abstract: In this paper, we report two kinds of guide patterns precisely created by electron beam drawing. These guide patterns are expected to...

Authors: Sumio Hosaka, Hirokazu Koyabu, Yusuke Aramomi, Hayato Sone, You Yin, Eiji Sato, Kenji Tochigi

Abstract: We have prototyped illumination-collection mode scanning near-field optical microscopy (SNOM) and near-field Raman spectroscopy (NFRS) with...

Authors: Hayato Sone, Shoichi Ichikawa, Yuji Matsubara, Mitsumasa Suzuki, Haruki Okano, Takashi Izumi, Sumio Hosaka

Abstract: The possibility of realizing femtogram mass detection using a frame-type microcantilever has been studied in bioscience. To realize highly...

Authors: You Yin, Tomoyuki Noguchi, Hiroki Ohno, Sumio Hosaka

Abstract: Reliability (or stability) of multi-level storage (MLS) is the critical characteristics for multi-level cells. In order to improve...

Authors: You Yin, Sumio Hosaka

Abstract: Lateral rectangular (R-) and step-like (S-) channel phase-change memory (PCM) cell structures are numerically analyzed for multi-state...


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