Research on Domain Ontology-Based Intelligent Information Retrieval System


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Domain ontology introduces a new theory and method for information retrieval. In this paper, we analyze the deficiencies of traditional information retrieval and explore the relationship between domain ontology and information retrieval, as well as the basic design ideas of information retrieval based on domain ontology. Finally we present a domain ontology-based intelligent information retrieval system, so that the information retrieval can be promoted from the keyword level to the semantic level. With the rapid development of the national economy and the growth of information resources, traditional methods relying on the browser, database fields, keyword matching, or even manual retrieval query has become increasingly difficult to meet people's information retrieval needs. How to quickly and accurately identify the needed information resources has become a urgent question in front of us. Information retrieval is a technology which can find out the relevant information the user needs from a collection of large amounts of information. It has experienced manual retrieval, computer retrieval stage, now it has developed to the network and intelligent stage. The objects of information retrieval extend from a relative closed, stable and consistent, centrally managed information content by an independent database to an open, dynamic, quickly update, widely distributed, and loosely managed web content; the users of information retrieval also spread from professional intelligence agent to the common including government officials, businessmen, managers, teachers, students, professionals, etc. They ask for the higher and more diverse requirements from the results to the manner of information retrieval. Adapting to the need for network, intelligence and personalization is a new trend of information retrieval technology.



Key Engineering Materials (Volumes 460-461)

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Yanwen Wu






S. D. Zhang and Y. Chen, "Research on Domain Ontology-Based Intelligent Information Retrieval System", Key Engineering Materials, Vols. 460-461, pp. 300-304, 2011

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January 2011




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