Study of the Input Variables for BP NN Based Supplier Evaluation Model


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The development of the BP NN is part of the research project of internet based intelligent supplier selection and evaluation system. According to obtained information from Google Search Engine, the possible suppliers will be classified and put into the data file which is used for the further evaluation. In the paper the BP NN model used for supplied evaluation is introduced first, and then the six input variables have been discussed for the BP NN model. The raw data of each variable has to be converted into BP NN model accepted format for training and application. The conversion methods for each valuable have been discussed in the paper as well. Final, the test results show the successful system running.



Key Engineering Materials (Volumes 460-461)

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Yanwen Wu




J. Chen et al., "Study of the Input Variables for BP NN Based Supplier Evaluation Model", Key Engineering Materials, Vols. 460-461, pp. 420-427, 2011

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January 2011




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