Map Matching Using De-Noise Interpolation Kohonen Self-Organizing Maps


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In this work, we have proposed a de-noise interpolation Kohonen Self-Organizing Maps(DNIKSOM) -based method for the Map matching(MM). It has been seen that there are some problems in the MM, such as large error range of the original position information, low match accuracy and so on. Therefore, in MM problem to achieve high accuracy, it is necessary to consider the topography of roads and the requirement for match accuracy lying within the original position information in the matching process. In the present study, Kohonen Self-Organizing Maps(KSOM) in the field of pattern recognition possesses good performance. Now to get more valuable position information, A kind of de-noise algorithm for Kohonen neural network is proposed to meet the case that neural network may not be trained sufficiently with consideration for the topography of roads. And a kind of Lagrange interpolation algorithm is also proposed to meet the requirements for matching accuracy. These processes make the amended position information closer to the true value. In this application to a city’s MM, we investigate DNIKSOM’s ,KSOM’s and Centroid localization algorithm’s location performance on a original position data set. Finally, the comparison of experimental results shows that DNIKSOM has better location performance than others.



Key Engineering Materials (Volumes 460-461)

Edited by:

Yanwen Wu






Z. W. Du et al., "Map Matching Using De-Noise Interpolation Kohonen Self-Organizing Maps", Key Engineering Materials, Vols. 460-461, pp. 680-686, 2011

Online since:

January 2011




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