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Authors: Ming Qiang Pan, Shi Chun Di, Tao Chen, Li Guo Chen, Zhen Hua Wang
Abstract:With the development of micro arc oxidation and the growing maturity of the industrialization, the electrolyte service life and stability...
Authors: Quan Ping Sun
Abstract:A model of five layers of fuzzy neural network which is appropriate for high-speed machining (HSM) processing optimization is proposed to...
Authors: Chun Hui Yang, Fu Dong Wang
Abstract:Fast and accurate acquisition of navigation information is the key and premise for robot guidance. In this paper, a robot trajectory guidance...
Authors: He Wang, Xue Li, Qi Ming Ju
Abstract:An online monitoring method for micro-hole drilling based on rough sets fuzzy control is developed in this article to improve system on too...
Authors: Yuji Enomoto, Ick Soo Kim
Abstract:Recently ultrafine fibers of nanometer size and their fabrics are growingly interested not only in textile industry but also in non-textile...
Authors: Zhen Ying Xu, Ran Ran Xu, Dan Dan Cao, Yun Wang
Abstract:A new robust structured light technique based on multi-valued pseudo-random color encoded pattern is discussed in this paper. After analyzing...
Authors: Chao Jun Yang, Hong Wei Gu, Jing Jing Wang, Ru Yu Ma, Zhi Teng Li, Sheng Fa Jiang
Abstract:Transmission performances of some squirrel cage magnetic couplings, which were different in magnet pole number, slot number, slot depth or...
Authors: Shu Huang, Jian Zhong Zhou, X.D. Yang, Hong Yan Ruan, Deng Hui Wei, J.R. Fan
Abstract:After the mechanisms of laser peen forming (LPF) were analyzed, the effect of sheet metal’s thickness on LPF was discussed in theory. The...
Authors: Ping Ye, Gui Rong Weng
Abstract:This paper proposed a novel method for leaf classification and recognition. In the method, the moment invariant and fractal dimension were...
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