Study on Micstructure and Properties of Ceramic- Lined Composite Steel Pipes Produced by Centrifugal-SHS Process


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The Al2O3 ceramic-lined steel pipes were made by SHS centrifugal process. The microstructure and phases in ceramic layer were investigated by SEM and X-ray diffraction, microstructure of the ceramic was observed with metallurgical microscope and compression-shear strength of the ceramic was tested by electronic universal testing machine, respectively. The results show that composite steel pipe is composed of three layers, including inner ceramic layer, transition iron layer and outer metal wall, compression-shear strength of the ceramic layer is up to 23 MPa. The percentage of porosity was tested by archimedes principle, it shows that porosity of ceramic was 5%; corrosion resistance of ceramic was tested by mass-loss method, corrosion resistance of ceramic coating is 0.95g/(h•m2).



Edited by:

Long Chen, Yongkang Zhang, Aixing Feng, Zhenying Xu, Boquan Li and Han Shen




Y. Zhu et al., "Study on Micstructure and Properties of Ceramic- Lined Composite Steel Pipes Produced by Centrifugal-SHS Process", Key Engineering Materials, Vol. 464, pp. 434-437, 2011

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January 2011




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