Functional Manufacturing Technologies and Ceeusro II

Volume 464

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Hong Jun Ni, Can Can Lv, Cheng Jin Zhang, Ping Liao

Abstract: Membranes are made by doping and modifying the Nafion117 with Nano-silica(SiO2). The penetration and the proton conductivity of composite...

Authors: Xiao Zhong Ren, Jun Peng Ding, Jian Xin Su, Xiao Yang Du

Abstract: Based on grinding force formation theory and the surface grinding force formula, the formula of gear form grinding force is obtained by...

Authors: Gao Lian Shi, Shi Hong Shi, Shao Hua Wu, Yong Kang Wang

Abstract: Aimed at the process of laser rapid prototyping with inner coaxial powder feeding, the finite element model on the transient temperature...

Authors: Xing Xing Wang, Hong Jun Ni, Yu Zhu, Ming Yu Huang, Ping Liao

Abstract: In order to reduce the costs, improve the performances and promote the industry process, basing on calculus and finite element thinking,...

Authors: Jian Shi, Shougo Wada, Kiyosi Kemmochi, Li Min Bao

Abstract: A recycling system was developed for the treatment of fiber-reinforced plastics (FRP) by superheated steam. The process was shown to be...

Authors: Zhong Wu, Yong Kang Zhang, Yun Xia Ye, Hai Bing Guan

Abstract: As rapid advance in the laser and the laser technology, more and more lasers have been used in different application fields, which have...

Authors: Chun Mei Meng, Hong Bing Yao, Yong Kang Zhang, Yan Qun Tong

Abstract: This paper mostly summarizes experimental device of laser-induced plasma and taking pictures of plasma plume. The progress in the...

Authors: Yong Ming Qian, Qiang Wu, Yi Dan Zhou

Abstract: A kind of multilayered heat-insulated coating fabric, which can efficiently cuts off the heat generated by sunlight, is made by coating...

Authors: Yu Zhu, Shu Gang Sun, Hong Jun Ni, Ming Yu Huang

Abstract: The Al2O3 ceramic-lined steel pipes were made by SHS centrifugal process. The microstructure and phases in ceramic layer were investigated...

Authors: Yin Fang Jiang, Zhi Fei Li, Zhen Zhou Tang, Lei Fang

Abstract: With more and more attention to the technology of tailor welded blanks (TWBs), it is vital to study the springback of TWBs. In this paper,...


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