Functional Manufacturing Technologies and Ceeusro II

Volume 464

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Su Qing Jiang, Jian Hua Wu, Hong Guang Xu, Jian Zhong Zhou

Abstract: Residual stress field induced by laser shot peening (LSP) was simulated using Box-Behnken experimental design. Compressive residual stress...

Authors: Bing Hao Bao, Xing Cheng Tian

Abstract: Magnetoelectric(ME) effect in magnetoelectric laminate materials have potential application in many fields. In this paper, Fe78Si9B13...

Authors: Hao Yuan, M.Y. Pang, Zhang Ping Lu

Abstract: In this paper, we propose an algorithm to calculate pose normalization for 3D mesh models based on an analysis about rotation transformation...

Authors: Su Min Yin, Qing Zhou, Rui Qiang Gao, Ping Zhang

Abstract: A new system for testing the resistance of keys of keyboard was designed based on the embedded motion controller. Hardware design and...

Authors: Ju Fang Chen, Xing Cheng Li, Jiang Tao Wang, Wei Ning Lei

Abstract: In the present study, the effect of laser surface melting (LSM) on microstructure of AZ91D magnesium alloy was investigated with a 2kW...

Authors: Tao Ni, Yun Wang, Bing Nan Li, Shen Tao Tang, Yong Kang Zhang

Abstract: The phenomena of green water are the maximum vertical extent of wave uprush over freeboard on the deck with the result of damage to the...

Authors: Yin Fang Jiang, Lei Fang, Zhi Fei Li, Zhen Zhou Tang

Abstract: As a new lightweight structural sheet metal, tailor rolled blanks has a good prospect in the future development of the automobile industry,...

Authors: Yan Hai Cheng, Zhen Cai Zhu, Zheng Tong Han

Abstract: In the paper, different phosphorus content Ni-P coatings was prepared by electroless plating. The microstructural changes of electroless...

Authors: R.H. Shen, J.Z. Lu, J.W. Zhong, L. Zhang, Kai Yu Luo, Y.K. Zhang

Abstract: Laser shock processing (LSP, also known as Laser shock peening) is applied by using a high energy pulsed laser to create a high amplitude...

Authors: Li Huang, Yu Kun Sun, Xiao Fu Ji, Yong Hong Huang, Tian Yan Du

Abstract: Biological fermentation process is a complex nonlinear dynamic coupling process. As it is very difficult to measure the key biological...


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