Functional Manufacturing Technologies and Ceeusro II

Volume 464

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Hua Zhang, Jia Wen Xu, Jian She Zhao, Guo Ran Hua

Abstract: In order to investigate the mechanical effects during pulsed laser and metal target in neutral solution, a measuring part of stainless...

Authors: Jie Zhang, Ai Hua Sun, Le Zhu, Xiang Gu

Abstract: Welding residual stress is one of the main factors that affect the strength and life of components. In order to explore the effect on...

Authors: Ling Feng Zhang, Yan Zhi Wang, Yi Xiong, Jin Zhong Lu

Abstract: Through phrase transformation analysis on ceramics samples after applied laser shock wave, study was made on micro-structure and mechanical...

Authors: J.P. Mo, Xiao Nong Cheng, Xiao Jing Xu, Deng Fu Xia, Xin Ni Hao

Abstract: The interface adhesion, nano-indentation and friction/wear properties of the CNx films in CNx/SiC (carbon nitride/silicon carbon) double...

Authors: Qu Zhu Zhou

Abstract: In this paper, the double-wall carbon nanotube oscillator resonant phenomena and energy dissipation are simulated by use of molecular...

Authors: Shuang Liu, Shi Hong Shi, Ge Yan Fu, Hong Pu Wei

Abstract: For the disadvantages of Co element, such as rarity, high price and nuclear pollution, the Co-based materials will be eliminated in the...

Authors: Yan Qun Tong, Hong Bing Yao, Yong Kang Zhang, Ming Yang Chen, Be Yuan, Chun Mei Meng

Abstract: The deformation process of plate material shocked by high-power short pulsed laser is one of the key problems for laser shock forming. In...

Authors: Yong Wang, Guo Niu Zhu, Zheng Wei Zhu

Abstract: Structural topology optimization has got a general acceptance in recent years in mechanical design due to its powerful technique for...

Authors: Hong Xia Jiang, Qing Qing Ni, Toshiaki Natsuki

Abstract: Carbon nanotubes (CNTs) reinforced natural rubber (NR) composite was fabricated in a solvent casting method. The tensile properties and...

Authors: Guo Ran Hua, Hua Zhang, Ai Ping Qian, Cao Jun Lv

Abstract: Propagation of 808nm wavelength laser beam in liver tumors was simulated with Monte Carlo method. Based on the distribution of light in...


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