Functional Manufacturing Technologies and Ceeusro II

Volume 464

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Bi Feng Yin, Zhen Wei Xu, Jiang Guang He, Yi Xu, Yong Qiang Li

Abstract: Based on a diesel engine with common rail system, influence of EGR on combustion and emission characteristic were investigated. The test...

Authors: Nai Fei Ren, Rong Xiao Wang, Jia Fang Gu, Jian Qing Ren

Abstract: Cu films were deposited on Si and K9 glass substrates by magnetron sputtering technique. The influences of varying thicknesses and...

Authors: Jin Zhon Lu, Kai Yu Luo, L. Zhang, J.W. Zhong, X.G. Cui, Yong Kang Zhang

Abstract: The strain-rate sensitivity of LY2 aluminum (Al) alloy subjected to laser shock processing (LSP) was investigated according to the fracture...

Authors: Jun Li, Xue Yan, C. Xu, L. Zhang, M.W. Li, Xiao Nong Cheng

Abstract: A mathematical model for the Cu/ZrW2O8 functionally graded films was established using a finite element method. The effects of the...

Authors: Cheng Yun Cui, Xi Gui Cui, Yong Kong Zhang, Qian Zhao, Jin Zhong Lu

Abstract: Co-based alloy coating was cladded on T10 tool steel by the powder feeding and continuous CO2 laser. The results showed that compared to the...

Authors: Xi Gui Cui, Cheng Yun Cui, Xiao Nong Cheng, Xiao Jing Xu, Jin Zhong Lu

Abstract: Temperature field during laser surface melting the pure Al was numerically simulated by the Laplace integral transform technique using the...

Authors: Qian Zhao, Yong Kang Zhang, Cheng Yun Cui, Xi Gui Cui, Jin Zhong Lu

Abstract: Co-based alloy coating was fabricated by powder feeding laser cladding on T10 tool steel. The microstructure and phase composition were...

Authors: Y.C. Dai, Jian Zhong Zhou, Shu Huang, J. Guo, L. Xiao

Abstract: A silicone mould fabrication technique based on vacuum casting was developed and its reproducibility was demonstrated. Orthogonal DOE method...

Authors: Pei Kang Bai, Yu Xin Li, Bin Liu

Abstract: Selective laser sintering technology is used for manufacturing parts from 316 stainless steel powders. Experiments were carried out on a...

Authors: Ling Feng Zhang, Kai Yu Luo, J.Z. Lu, Y. Xiong, Y.Z. Wang

Abstract: The ultra-high plastic deformation behavior by laser shock processing on the LY12 aluminum alloy had been investigated. The morphology of...


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