Functional Manufacturing Technologies and Ceeusro II

Volume 464

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Fen Gui, Xing Qiao Liu

Abstract: The water monitoring environment has the characteristics of more measuring points, longer measuring time, more complex measuring situation...

Authors: Mao Hai Li, Li Ning Sun, Ming Qiang Pan

Abstract: A hierarchical mobile robot simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM) method that allows us to obtain accurate maps of large environments...

Authors: Guang Gui Cheng, Jian Ning Ding, Zhi Yong Ling

Abstract: In this paper, a micromixer used in micro thermo photovoltaic system (MTPV system) is simulated and fabricated. The optimal structure...

Authors: Xiu Long Xu, Zhen Ying Xu, Ran Ran Xu, Jia Kun Jiang, Xiao Dong Guo

Abstract: In this paper, a real-time location and reset method of cylindrical FPSO is presented based on GPS. In this method, the coordinate system of...

Authors: Wei Zhang, Xue Yong Li, Li Li, Jing Qiao Lv, Yan Feng Chen, Xin Hua Mao

Abstract: The steam temperature of the boiler is one of the important parameters in the power plant, and it is necessary to keep the temperature at a...

Authors: Noriyuki Kawarazaki, Seiichiro Umeda, Tadashi Yoshidime, Kazue Nishihara

Abstract: This paper provides a mobile robot control system using IC tags. We developed a mobile robot control system that is composed of an...

Authors: Xia Zhang, Minoru Hashimoto

Abstract: We propose a framework of realizing natural assist behavior with a walking assist suit inspired by human interaction. We look at the human...

Authors: Yu Dong Tian

Abstract: Urban rail transit is an important research field in the public traffic, and the subway station temperature control influences the...

Authors: Jun Xie, Li Hui Kuang, Yi Zhang

Abstract: The kinematics and dynamics characteristics of Chinese medical massage manipulation, such as pressing, kneading, rolling and pushing are...

Authors: Hai Zhen Chen, Zhong Yue Zou, Hong Peng Song

Abstract: Based on forward position equations of 3-RCR parallel mechanism, the Jacobian matrixes were obtained. The global condition index was gotten...


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