Functional Manufacturing Technologies and Ceeusro II

Volume 464

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Liang Chen

Abstract: Semiconductor manufacturing is challenged by strategy development for ensuring the yield of defect-free products. In this paper, an on-line...

Authors: Ming Xiao Dong, Bo Pang, Hui Liu, Fan Bing Li

Abstract: Most motion control systems are designed to satisfy the performance requirement in transient and frequency domain. The actuator effort of...

Authors: Jun Wang, Xi Liang Zhang, Jin Yuan, Xiao Feng Shi, Xin Ming Gao

Abstract: To improve electrical operational flexibility in use and save energy, a universal multi-function digital remote control electronic switch...

Authors: W.S. Tan, Jian Zhong Zhou, J. Guo, Shu Huang, Cheng Dong Wang, B. Gao, J. Sheng

Abstract: . Progressive dies are widely used for the mass production of sheet metal components due to the high productivity, high precision and low...

Authors: Zu Jue Chen, Xian Xiang Fu, Xiang Zhou

Abstract: Using computer vision technology to accurately identify weeds and crops, positioning weed and spraying of weedcide has become a hotspot of...

Authors: Tian Xing Li, Xiao Zhong Deng, Zhen Shan Gao, Ju Bo Li

Abstract: The system of automatic correction and deviation measurement of hypoid gears is the basic platform for the digital closed-loop manufacturing...

Authors: Zhi Yao Li, Gui Rong Weng

Abstract: cDNA microarray technology provides an effectual tool to explore the enormous genome. cDNA microarray consists of thousands of gene...

Authors: Jian Jun Zhuang, Zhen Ying Xu, Bing Nan Li, Yun Wang, Hao Xu, Yong Kang Zhang

Abstract: Advanced offshore floating structure utilizes dynamic positioning system to guarantee its automatic positioning without mooring system,...

Authors: Lin Liu, Chao Liang Lai, Yong Li, Jun Xiao

Abstract: To realize the automation process for Pin implanting of X-cor sandwich structure, a hardware architecture of CNC based on open control...

Authors: Jian Ping Xie, Xiao Hong Kong, Yi Zhou, Yan Feng Chen, Xin Hua Mao

Abstract: The pneumatic valves are widely used in the actual industrial production, and their practical performances are very important to the control...


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