Functional Manufacturing Technologies and Ceeusro II

Volume 464

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Xiang Jun Lan, Zhi Hua Feng, Hong Lin, Xiao Dong Zhu

Abstract: The nonlinear dynamic equation of a laminated beam subject to parametrically deterministic excitation is derived based on the general von...

Authors: Chun Ling Li, Ge Yan Fu, Kai Bo Guo

Abstract: The principle of fused deposition modeling was described, and significant dependence of product quality on nozzle temperature was discussed....

Authors: Hong Lin, Zhi Hua Feng, Xiang Jun Lan

Abstract: In this paper, a dynamic model of yarn in sizing machines is proposed. The fluxion in moving speed is taken into consideration. By...

Authors: Wei You, Min Xiu Kong, Li Ning Sun, Chan Chan Guo

Abstract: In this paper, aiming at solving the problems of dynamic coupling effects and flexibility of joints and links, a kind of control system...

Authors: Dan Qing Yuan, He Zhang, Rui Wang, You Quan He, Jian Ping Li

Abstract: A new type of small flow and high head vibration pump with electromagnetic drive was designed for the production and daily life applications...

Authors: Ya Wei Zhang, Wei Min Zhang

Abstract: Due to raising ability of five-axis CNC machine tools to machine geometrically complex work pieces efficiently and with higher dimensional...

Authors: Xin Zhong, Bo Quan Li, Hao Dai

Abstract: When we detect an object by ultrasonic phased array focusing and steering in Non-Destructive Testing (NDT), the ultrasonic attenuation due...

Authors: Jia Fu Zhou, Jie Sheng Wu

Abstract: This paper presents a method to simulate the behavior of the cable harness using the absolute nodal coordinat formulation (ANCF) and to...

Authors: Jian Hao Zhou, Yin Nan Yuan, Gong Ping Mao, Jia Yi Du

Abstract: A mean value model of the 1.5L gasoline engine was established. It mainly consists of fuel film model, transient fuel film compensation...

Authors: Cheng Jun Wang, Lv Zhong Ma, Tao He

Abstract: On the requirement of the obstacle negotiating robot in unstructured environment, a new type attitude-adjusting track mobile robot adapting...


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