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Authors: M. Neil James, C.J. Christopher, Yan Wei Lu, K.F. Tee, Eann A Patterson
Abstract:This paper presents a very brief overview of the philosophy underlying a plastic inclusion approach to defining the boundary stresses imposed...
Authors: Haruyuki Inui, Takashi Oohashi, Norihiko L. Okamoto, Kyosuke Kishida, Katsushi Tanaka
Abstract:The physical and mechanical properties of Co3(Al,W) with the L12 structure have been investigated both in single and polycrystalline forms....
Authors: Duc Nguyen Manh, M. Muzyk, Krzysztof J. Kurzydlowski, Nadine L. Baluc, Michael Rieth, Sergei L. Dudarev
Abstract:We describe a comprehensive ab initio investigation of phase stability and mechanical properties of W-Ta and W-V alloys, which are candidate...
Authors: J.W. Morris, D.C. Chrzan, Shigeru Kuramoto
Abstract:Tensile tests of single crystals of Gum Metal (Ti-36Nb-2Ta-3Zr-0.3O (wt %)) showed, anomalously, that (1) extensive, stress-induced...
Authors: Stefanie Stanzl-Tschegg, Karl Eichinger, Anja Weidner, Elmar Tschegg, Johannes Bernardi, Bernd Schönbauer
Abstract:Fatigue cracks in polycrystalline copper may originate from PSBs or grain boundaries. They usually form at the specimen surfaces, but also...
Authors: Maxime Sauzay, Pierre Evrard, Karine Bavard
Abstract:Slip localization is often observed in metallic polycrystals after cyclic deformation (persistent slip bands) or pre-irradiation followed by...
Authors: Raúl Bermejo, Lucie Šestáková, Hannes Grünbichler, Tanja Lube, Peter Supancic, Robert Danzer
Abstract:The fracture of mechanically loaded ceramics is a consequence of material critical defects located either within the bulk or at the surface,...
Authors: Stephen D. Antolovich, Robert L. Amaro, Richard W. Neu, A Staroselsky
Abstract:In a world increasingly concerned with environmental factors and efficient use of resources, increasing operating temperatures of high...
Authors: Ulrich Krupp, I. Roth, Hans Jürgen Christ, M. Kübbeler, Claus Peter Fritzen, M. Scharnweber, C.G. Oertel, Werner Skrotzki
Abstract:During high-cycle-fatigue loading of metastable austenitic steel AISI304L, the elastic anisotropy between neighboring grains causes the...
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