Combined Cycle Fatigue of Ni-Base Superalloy


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Fatigue life of a cast Ni-base superalloy IN 713LC under combined cycle loading consisting of a superposition of low- and high-cycle fatigue at 800 °C was experimentally determined. No measurable effect of combined cycle was found for studied loading conditions. High scatter of fatigue life related to the initiation of cracks on casting defects was observed. Size of the largest defect in a specimen was predicted by the largest extreme value distribution method. The predicted size was compared with fractographic observation of defects resulting in final fatigue failure.



Edited by:

Pavel Šandera






L. Kunz et al., "Combined Cycle Fatigue of Ni-Base Superalloy", Key Engineering Materials, Vol. 465, pp. 523-526, 2011

Online since:

January 2011




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