Physical and Mechanical Properties of Co3(Al,W) with the L12 Structure in Single and Polycrystalline Forms


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The physical and mechanical properties of Co3(Al,W) with the L12 structure have been investigated both in single and polycrystalline forms. The values of all the three independent single-crystal elastic constants and polycrystalline elastic constants of Co3(Al,W) experimentally determined by resonance ultrasound spectroscopy at liquid helium temperature are 15~25% larger than those of Ni3(Al,Ta) but are considerably smaller than those previously calculated. When judged from the values of Poisson’s ratio, Cauchy pressure and Gh (shear modulus)/Bh (bulk modulus), the ductility of Co3(Al,W) is expected to be sufficiently high. Indeed, the value of tensile elongation obtained in air is as large as 28 %, which is far larger than that obtained in Ni3Al polycrystals under similar conditions.



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Pavel Šandera




H. Inui et al., "Physical and Mechanical Properties of Co3(Al,W) with the L12 Structure in Single and Polycrystalline Forms", Key Engineering Materials, Vol. 465, pp. 9-14, 2011

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January 2011




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