Materials Structure & Micromechanics of Fracture VI

Volume 465

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Dalibor Vojtěch, Alena Michalcová

Abstract: Nearly equi-atomic Ni-Ti alloys (nitinol) show shape memory behavior, superelasticity, high strength, excellent corrosion resistance and...

Authors: Šárka Houdková, František Zahálka, Michaela Kašparová

Abstract: In the paper, the indentation fracture toughness of the HVOF sprayed WC-12%Co coatings is determined by the Vickers indentation test in...

Authors: Javier Martínez Martínez, David Benavente, Ángeles García Del Cura

Abstract: Both strength and elastic modulus of rocks are usually determined by compression testing at the mesoscopic scale (UNE-EN 1926; ASTMD...

Authors: Anna Arizzi, Javier Martínez Martínez, Giuseppe Cultrone, David Benavente

Abstract: Lime mortar is one of the most ancient and durable building materials. It is characterized by a slow carbonation during which Ca(OH)2 reacts...

Authors: S. Sanchez Moral, Javier Martínez Martínez, David Benavente, S. Cuezva, A. Fernandez Cortes

Abstract: Several samples of ancient mortars were studied in the context of the archaeological excavations at Djehuty (Luxor, Egypt). The studied...

Authors: Michal Nicák, Olga Švecová, Jiří Pulec, Josef Šandera, Ivan Szendiuch

Abstract: This paper deals with behavior of lead-free solder joint applied in 3D electronic packaging structure. There are plenty of factors which...

Authors: Pavol Hvizdoš, Annamária Duszová, Viktor Puchý, Orsolya Tapasztó, Peter Kun, Ján Dusza, Csaba Balázsi

Abstract: Tribological behavior of ZrO2 and Si3N4 based nanocomposites with addition of carbon nanofibres and nanotubes has been studied by the...

Authors: Marie Svobodová, Ladislav Horvath, Jindřich Douda, Jaromír Shejbal, Eva Svobodová

Abstract: This paper summarizes the achieved results of microstructure analysis and mechanical testing of long-term degradation of Mn-V steel (W. Nr....

Authors: Pavel Koktavý, Václav Veselý, Zbyněk Keršner, Petr Frantík, Bohumil Koktavý

Abstract: The paper is focused on the utilization of electromagnetic emission (EME) and acoustic emission (AE) phenomena within the non-destructive...

Authors: S. Al Shahrani, T. James Marrow

Abstract: The nature of arrested cracks in run-out fatigue tests of a type 316L austenitic stainless steel with electropolished surfaces has been...


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