Materials Structure & Micromechanics of Fracture VI

Volume 465

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: T. Káňa, Mojmír Šob, V. Vitek

Abstract: We suggest and investigate three possible displacive transformation paths between the ideal C11b, C40 and C54 structures in MoSi2, VSi2 and...

Authors: Andriy Ostapovets, Václav Paidar

Abstract: The structures of {121} twin boundary in orthorhombic 2H martensite are modeled using Finnis-Sinclair type many-body interatomic potentials....

Authors: Alena Uhnáková, Anna Machová, Petr Hora

Abstract: We present new results of molecular dynamic (MD) simulations in 3D bcc iron crystals with embedded central through crack (001)[110] of...

Authors: Miroslav Černý, Jaroslav Pokluda

Abstract: Ab initio calculations of elastic moduli and theoretical tensile strength of composite lamina having continuous nano-fibre reinforcements...

Authors: Roman Gröger, Turab Lookman

Abstract: The continuum theory of dislocations, as developed predominantly by Kröner and Kosevich, views each dislocation as a source of...

Authors: P. Šesták, Miroslav Černý, Jaroslav Pokluda

Abstract: According to experimental findings, the martensite structure of NiTi is monoclinic (B19'). However, previous first principles calculations...

Authors: Jiří Buršík

Abstract: Two-phase microstructure of ordered cube-shaped precipitates in the disordered matrix is characteristic of Ni-base superalloys. This...

Authors: J. Guénolé, Julien Godet, Sandrine Brochard

Abstract: We have performed molecular dynamics simulations on silicon nanowires (Si-NW) with [001] axis and square section. The forces are modeled by...

Authors: Peter Tatarko, Zdeněk Chlup, Ján Dusza

Abstract: Influence of rare-earth oxide additives on the strength, fracture toughness and tribological behaviour of hot-pressed Si3N4 and Si3N4/SiC...

Authors: Yasushi Kamimura, Keiichi Edagawa, Shin Takeuchi

Abstract: Peierls stresses P of a variety of pure crystals, bcc metals, NaCl type crystals, elemental and compound tetrahedrally coordinated...


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