Materials Structure & Micromechanics of Fracture VI

Volume 465

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Pavel Lukáč, Zuzanka Trojanová

Abstract: Stress relaxation tests have been used in order to determine parameters of a possible thermally activated process in AZ31 magnesium alloy....

Authors: Zhong Rong Niu, Naman Recho, Zhi Yong Yang, Chang Zheng Cheng

Abstract: Extensive studies have been carried out to deal with the stress singularity of V-notch problems in linear elasticity theory. In fact, the...

Authors: Jiří Vala, Stanislav Šťastník, Vladislav Kozák

Abstract: Final user properties of concrete and other silicate composite structures are conditioned by their early-age history. Bulk deformation in...

Authors: Tomáš Záležák, Antonín Dlouhý

Abstract: A 3D model is presented that addresses an evolution of flexible dislocation lines at high temperatures. The model is based on the linear...

Authors: Daniel Camas, Pablo Lopez-Crespo, Antonio González-Herrera

Abstract: This paper presents a numerical study of the influence of the load level and the crack front curvature on the plastic zone in the area close...

Authors: M. Chabaat, H. Ayas

Abstract: In this study, interaction between a main crack and a surrounding layer of micro cracks is considered. A stress field distribution induced...

Authors: Luboš Náhlík, Bohuslav Máša, Pavel Hutař

Abstract: Particulate composites with crosslinked polymer matrix and solid fillers are one of important classes of materials such as construction...

Authors: Lenka Řeháčková, Jaroslav Kalousek, Jana Dobrovská

Abstract: This paper deals with the quantitative evaluation of temperature and time effect on the concentration distribution of the substitutive...

Authors: Ondrej Rozum, František Zahálka, Michaela Kašparová, Šárka Houdková

Abstract: High quality methods of designing the experiments (DOE) seem to be a very useful exploratory tool at many points of material engineering....

Authors: Sebastian Stach

Abstract: Analysis of issues related to the cracking process of materials requires a quantitative description of the problem which frequently, due to...


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