Materials Structure & Micromechanics of Fracture VI

Volume 465

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Radovan Bureš, Ivan Saxl, Mária Fáberová

Abstract: Powder of tool steel STN 19830 with 1.9 wt.% of Nb addition was prepared by atomization. Compact material was prepared using of hot...

Authors: Robert Macku, Pavel Koktavý, Pavel Škarvada

Abstract: This article discusses the issue of noise measurements application for the quality assessment of the solar cells themselves and production...

Authors: Tomas Trčka, Pavel Tofel, Pavel Koktavý

Abstract: This paper describes our new improved set-up for EME and AE signals measurement and includes some experimental results. This new measurement...

Authors: Petr Paračka, Pavel Koktavý, Robert Macku

Abstract: PN junction is one of the most important parts of solar cells. Its quality affects lifetime and efficiency of solar cells. Local defects...

Authors: Kinga Rodak, Grzegorz Moskal, Andrzej Grabowski

Abstract: In article the influence of large effective deformation on microstructure, thermal diffusivity and electrical conductivity is described. The...

Authors: Kinga Rodak, Grzegorz Moskal

Abstract: The evaluation of microstructure and the thermal diffusivity of copper subjected to severe plastic deformation using multi-axial compression...

Authors: Miloš Chvátal, Jan Pavelka, Vlasta Sedláková, Tomas Trčka, Pavel Škarvada

Abstract: Experiments were carried out for n-channel devices, processed in a 300 nm CMOS technology. The investigated devices have a gate oxide...

Authors: Šárka Mikmeková, Ondřej Man, Libor Pantělejev, Miloš Hovorka, I. Müllerová, Luděk Frank, Miloslav Kouřil

Abstract: The use of the scanning low energy electron microscopy (SLEEM) has been slowly making its way into the field of materials science, hampered...

Authors: Petra Kochová, Zbyněk Tonar, Kirsti Witter, Robert Cimrman, Jana Mezerová

Abstract: The corio-epidermal junction (CEJ) of equine hoof is highly vascularized, tough, but flexible suspensory apparatus between the wall of the...

Authors: Dragan Pustaić, Franjo Cajner

Abstract: The aim of the performed investigations was to determine the influence of two different heat treatment procedures, i. e. hardening and...


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