Microstructural Analysis during the Hydration of Cement-in-Polymer Coatings


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Cement-in-polymer (c/p) dispersions allow the full utilisation of the reinforcing abilities of multifilament rovings in concrete. In this work the role of the polymer properties on the performance of the c/p dispersions is investigated and discussed. Two model polymers are chosen and c/p dispersions made with these are investigated regarding the water ingress velocity (NMR), the phase development during cement hydration (XRD), and the microstructure after cement hydration (SEM). Best mechanical performance is achieved with the hydrophobic poly(vinyl acetate) which regulates the water ingress and causes a slow hydration of the cement.



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José Aguiar and Lech Czarnecki




O. Weichold et al., "Microstructural Analysis during the Hydration of Cement-in-Polymer Coatings", Key Engineering Materials, Vol. 466, pp. 159-166, 2011

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January 2011




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