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Authors: Yoshihiko Ohama
Abstract:The present paper deals with the principles of process technology for concrete-polymer composites, the research and development history of...
  | Authors: Peter Seidler
Abstract:Construction chemistry is underdeveloped compared to other chemical branches. Innovation is realized by new products, improved pro¬cesses or...
Authors: Elke Knapen, Dionys Van Gemert
Abstract:The presence of water-soluble polymers affects the microstructure of polymermodified cement mortar. Such effects are studied by means of SEM...
  | Authors: Kay Andre Bode, Andrea Dimmig-Osburg
Abstract:The main difference between normal mortar and polymer modified mortar is the microstructure. Whereas cement is the only binder in normal...
Authors: Ulisses Targino Bezerra, Rui Miguel Ferreira, João Paulo Castro-Gomes
Abstract:this paper presents the results of a study in which the combination of two polymeric additives in concrete with the intention of improving...
Authors: Teresa María Piqué, Humberto Balzamo, Analía Vázquez
Abstract:Polyvinylalcohol (PVA) is a polymer soluble in hot water, it has the property of film formation and it can improve the concrete performance....
Authors: Ru Wang, Pei Ming Wang
Abstract:Hydration of cement in the presence of SBR dispersion and powder respectively was investigated using the methods of ITC, XRD and ESEM. The...
Authors: Ozgur Ekincioglu, M. Hulusi Ozkul, Yoshihiko Ohama, Silvia Patachia, Georgeta Moise
Abstract:Macro-defect-free (MDF) cements are cement-polymer composites and were developed by Birchall et al. three decades ago. The composites are...
Authors: Bo Xu, Houssam A. Toutanji, Thomas Lavin, John A. Gilbert
Abstract:This study focuses on the development of a lightweight, high-performance cementitious composite material reinforced with Poly(vinyl alcohol)...
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