Polymers in Concrete

Volume 466

doi: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/KEM.466

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Authors: Cheon Goo Han, Min Cheol Han, Chan Chun Pei, Seong Hwan Yang

Abstract: In this study, the fundamental and spalling properties of high-strength concrete were examined, especially when various types and varying...

Authors: Wolfram Schmidt, Henricus Jozef Hubertus Brouwers, Hans Carsten Kuehne, Birgit Meng

Abstract: Stabilising admixtures are commonly used additives in repair mortars and grouts. Beyond this, such type of admixture is increasingly used in...

Authors: António Bettencourt Ribeiro, Vasco Medina, Augusto Gomes, Arlindo Gonçalves

Abstract: Shrinkage Reducing Admixtures (SRA) are being used more often in concrete structures in order to better control shrinkage cracks....

Authors: Valeria Corinaldesi, Alida Mazzoli, Giacomo Moriconi

Abstract: In the present paper an investigation of mechanical behaviour and thermal conductivity of a lightweight building material containing either...

Authors: Josef Hegger, Christian Kulas, Michael Horstmann

Abstract: In the last 30 years, façade-panels made of steel-reinforced concrete have become less attractive for architects and clients. Due to the...

Authors: Deon Kruger, Michael van der Westhuizen

Abstract: Certain construction situations call for the use of ultra-lightweight concrete materials. The properties of such materials allow for the...

Authors: Nikol Žižková, Rostislav Drochytka, Karel Nosek

Abstract: The article is focused on the observation of usable possibilities of waste polystyrene that is created during foundry production and that...

Authors: Ludger Lohaus, Hannes Weicken

Abstract: The importance of renewable energy for our world’s energy supply is steadily increasing. Starting last year, offshore wind parks are being...

Authors: Oliver Weichold, Markus Hojczyk, Alina Adams, Alexandra Olaru, Helge Stanjek

Abstract: Cement-in-polymer (c/p) dispersions allow the full utilisation of the reinforcing abilities of multifilament rovings in concrete. In this...

Authors: Michael Glowania, Thomas Gries, Jens Schoene, Markus Schleser, Uwe Reisgen

Abstract: In the 60ties engineers started to combine short glass fibers with a concrete matrix. Today engineers combine endless fibers with the...


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