A Novel Time Synchronization Algorithm Based on the Synchronizer on Wireless Sensor Network with Clustering Architecture


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Wireless sensor network applications often require a scalable time synchronization with the environment and communicating. Most of time synchronization algorithms are based on hierarchical structure and the precision is promoted at the expense of more complicated calculation. At the same time, the time synchronous is slower on the whole network because of the worse channel collision. This paper presents a novel time synchronization algorithm on the basis of synchronizer of clustering architecture. We adopt the improved RBS approach and introduce the synchronizer as to reducing messages’ overhead efficiently. Finally, performance of this algorithm is illustrated by a simulation experiment.



Key Engineering Materials (Volumes 467-469)

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Dehuai Zeng




J. F. Tian and H. X. Wen, "A Novel Time Synchronization Algorithm Based on the Synchronizer on Wireless Sensor Network with Clustering Architecture", Key Engineering Materials, Vols. 467-469, pp. 217-221, 2011

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February 2011




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