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Authors: Xing Ping Wen, Xiao Feng Yang
Abstract:In recently years, Urban Heat island (UHI) is one of the hottest topics in urban climate. The present paper discusses heat islands at...
Authors: Mao Sheng Ye, Qin Xian Jin, Yu Tian Wang
Abstract:This presentation is intended to provide response managers and others with an understanding of national preparedness and response system that...
Authors: Ying Zhe Xiao, Ya Nan Huang
Abstract:This paper states not only the development course of quality management but also the actuality that the packaging & printing enterprise...
Authors: Xiao Feng Yang, Xing Ping Wen
Abstract:Change detection is one of the most important applications of remote sensing techniques due to its capability of repetitive acquisition...
Authors: Qing Wu, Wei Wei Yu
Abstract:Smart Vehicle Space (SVS) is a new smart space adopting vehicles as environment carrier, with embedded abilities of computing, communication,...
Authors: Shan Lu, Jing Tang
Abstract:This paper, based on the current problems auto parts suppliers are facing and the development trend of auto industry, aims to build up an...
Authors: Shan Lu
Abstract:This paper, based on a comprehensive consideration of features of the selection of service outsourcing suppliers, proposes the criteria for...
Authors: Shan Lu
Abstract:On the basis of theoretical study and empirical investigation, taking the features of emergency logistic plans into comprehensive...
Authors: Yang Jian Xu, Ling Ling Wang, Li Wen Dong
Abstract:The steady thermal stress problems under linear temperature load on upper surface in an Al1100/Ti-6Al-4V/SiC 2D-FGM plane four-side clamped...
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