Tunable Single-Electron Turnstile Using Discrete Dopants in Nanoscale SOI-FETs


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An individual dopant atom may become the active unit of future electronic devices by mediating single-electron transport in nanoscale field-effect transistors. Single dopants can be accessed electrically even in a dopant-rich environment, offering the opportunity to develop applications based on arrays of dopants. Here, we focus on single-electron turnstile operation in arrays of dopant-induced quantum dots realized in highly-doped nanoscale transistors. We show that dopant-based single-electron turnstile can be achieved and tuned with a combination of two gates and we indicate guidelines for further optimization.



Edited by:

Seiichi Miyazaki and Hitoshi Tabata




D. Moraru et al., "Tunable Single-Electron Turnstile Using Discrete Dopants in Nanoscale SOI-FETs", Key Engineering Materials, Vol. 470, pp. 27-32, 2011

Online since:

February 2011




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