Machines and Tools for Sheet-Bulk Metal Forming


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The demand on closely-tolerated and complex functional components in the automotive sector, like e.g. synchronizer rings, leads to the development of a new process-class named “sheet-bulk metal forming”. Within this technology bulk metal forming operations are applied on sheet metals. In the following two novel approaches considering machines and tools for sheet-bulk metal forming are presented. The first approach aims on a technology based on rolling, which is suitable for mass production. The second one is an incremental forming solution for low batch production. Both machine concepts allow the application of different forming strategies to manufacture individual tailored semi-finished products in term of a pre-distribution of material. These products feature variable sheet thicknesses and mechanical properties, which can be adapted to their case of applica-tion. Depending on the individual batch size, the blanks can be finished to functional parts by sub-sequent forming processes like deep drawing and upsetting, extrusion or incremental forming. In this paper the case of an incremental tooth-forming is mainly considered. Forming sequences and resulting loads are modeled and calculated by finite elements simulations for all discussed processes to serve as a basis for the design and dimensioning of the machine components and forming tools.



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J.R. Duflou, R. Clarke, M. Merklein, F. Micari, B. Shirvani and K. Kellens






M. Merklein et al., "Machines and Tools for Sheet-Bulk Metal Forming", Key Engineering Materials, Vol. 473, pp. 91-98, 2011

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March 2011




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