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Authors: Frank Vollertsen
Abstract:Size effects are effects which might occur, if the dimensions of a forming process are scaled up or down. They might enable or disable the...
Authors: Wim Serruys
Abstract:Three different and complementary ways of adaptive control are presented, each working on a different time scale. All three of them are made...
Authors: Joost R. Duflou, Karel Kellens, Renaldi, Wim Dewulf
Authors: Kenichiro Mori
Abstract:Mechanical AC servo presses having high flexibility for control of motion have been recently developed. In these presses driven by servo...
Authors: Matthias Hermes, Daniel Staupendahl, Christoph Becker, A. Erman Tekkaya
Abstract:The paper deals with two new processes and developed special machines for profile and tube bending. The first process is a new roll-based...
Authors: Philip Beiter, Peter Groche
Abstract:Due to continuously increasing demands on safety, comfort and ecological performance, different lightweight construction concepts have been...
Authors: Antti Määttä, Kari Mäntyjärvi, Jussi A. Karjalainen
Abstract:Utilisation of ultra-high-strength steels (UHS) has increased, particularly in the automotive industry. By using these materials vehicle...
Authors: Ralph Schäfer, Pablo Pasquale, Alexander Elsen
Abstract:Adhesively joining metals of dissimilar melting point represents one of the most sophisticated tasks in joining technique. However, due to...
Authors: Tomoyoshi Maeno, Kenichiro Mori, Chihiro Unou
Abstract:A hot gas bulging process of an aluminium alloy tube using resistance heating set into a die was developed. In the developed process, the...
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