Sheet Metal 2011

Volume 473

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Abed Alaswad, Abdul Ghani Olabi, Khaled Y. Benyounis

Abstract: In the last years many researchers were concentrating to develop and design new unconventional metal forming processes. Among such new...

Authors: Dominik T. Matt, Erwin Rauch

Abstract: To compete effectively in the dynamic global marketplace, manufacturing companies have to maintain a high level of responsiveness to remain...

Authors: Francesco Lambiase, Alfonso Paoletti, Antoniomaria di Ilio

Abstract: In the present study the deformation behaviour of thin steel sheets processed by using laser forming has been investigated as well as the...

Authors: H. Voswinckel, Heinrich Schleifenbaum, Markus Bambach, Gerhard Hirt

Abstract: This paper details an integrated product process design model that represents process capabilities by a set of key indicators and allows for...

Authors: Marta Oliveira, João P. Santos, Fernando G. Almeida, Ana Reis, João P. Pereira, Augusto Barata da Rocha

Abstract: This paper introduces a framework for the Ecodesign of sheet metal cutters, which targets the definition of a set of design guidelines for...

Authors: Reimund Neugebauer, Frank Schieck, Angela Göschel, Julia Schönherr

Abstract: Energy and resource efficiency is a pressing issue for technological markets in the 21st century. In the field of production technology the...

Authors: Giuseppe Ingarao, Giuseppina Ambrogio, Rosanna Di Lorenzo, Fabrizio Micari

Abstract: In sheet metal forming processes there is still a lack of knowledge in the field of environmental sustainability mainly due to the need of a...

Authors: Rogelio Pérez-Santiago, Isabel Bagudanch, Maria Luisa García-Romeu

Abstract: Prediction of forming forces in Incremental Sheet Forming (ISF) is specially important in the case of using adapted machinery not designed...

Authors: Johan Verbert, Amar Kumar Behera, Bert Lauwers, Joost R. Duflou

Abstract: Feature Assisted Single Point Incremental Forming (FSPIF) is a technique to increase the accuracy of the SPIF process. FSPIF generates an...

Authors: Giuseppina Ambrogio, Luigino Filice, Francesco Gagliardi

Abstract: Flexible sheet metal forming processes represent one of the most relevant industrial issues of the scientific research. Incremental Sheet...


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