Sheet Metal 2011

Volume 473

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: D. Kreimeier, B. Buff, C. Magnus, V. Smukala, J. Zhu

Abstract: This paper describes new developments in an incremental, robot-based sheet metal forming process (Roboforming) for the cost-effective...

Authors: S.R. Marabuto, D Afonso, J.A.F. Ferreira, F.Q. Melo, Miguel A.B.E. Martins, R.J. Alves de Sousa

Abstract: Single Point Incremental Forming (SPIF) given its easy implementation and absence of dedicated tooling is a promising manufacturing...

Authors: Ivan Lonardelli, Paolo Bosetti, Stefania Bruschi, Alberto Molinari

Abstract: The present work focuses on the correlation between the material tendency to be deformed by incremental sheet forming and the...

Authors: Yalin Kiliclar, Roman Laurischkat, Stefanie Reese, Horst Meier

Abstract: The principle of robot based incremental sheet metal forming is based on flexible shaping by means of a freely programmable path-synchronous...

Authors: Amar Kumar Behera, Hans Vanhove, Bert Lauwers, Joost R. Duflou

Abstract: Previous studies have shown that feature detection and part segmentation are useful tools to generate compensated toolpaths for single point...

Authors: D. Kreimeier, J. Zhu, V. Smukala, B. Buff, C. Magnus

Abstract: Robot based incremental sheet metal forming (Roboforming)is a new dieless forming process, which is suitable for cost-effective manufacture...

Authors: Philip Eyckens, Hans Vanhove, Albert Van Bael, Joost R. Duflou, Paul van Houtte

Abstract: The Incremental Sheet Forming (ISF) process offers a large variety in tool path strategies to obtain a particular final product shape. As...

Authors: Isabel Bagudanch, Rogelio Pérez-Santiago, Maria Luisa García-Romeu

Abstract: In the last few years the interest in Incremental Sheet Forming (ISF) has considerably grown due to the possibility of obtain small...

Authors: Gianluca Buffa, Giuseppe Ingarao, Livan Fratini, Fabrizio Micari

Abstract: Single Point Incremental Forming (SPIF) is a quite new sheet forming process which offers the possibility to deform complex parts without...

Authors: Babak Taleb Araghi, Alexander Göttmann, Georg Bergweiler, Alireza Saeed-Akbari, Jan Bültmann, Joachim Zettler, Markus Bambach, Gerhard Hirt

Abstract: Asymmetric Incremental Sheet Forming (AISF) is a process for the flexible production of sheet metal parts. In AISF, a part is obtained as...


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