Sheet Metal 2011

Volume 473

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Andrea Angelastro, Sabina L. Campanelli, Giuseppe Casalino, Antonio D. Ludovico, Simone Ferrara

Abstract: Direct Laser Metal Deposition (DLMD) is actually one of the most attractive techniques in the group of Material Accretion Manufacturing...

Authors: Thomas Schneider, Marion Merklein

Abstract: Due to ecological and economic challenges there is a rising demand on closely-tolerated complex functional components. Regarding short...

Authors: Marion Merklein, A. Erman Tekkaya, Alexander Brosius, Simon Opel, Lukas Kwiatkowski, Björn Plugge, Sebastian Schunk

Abstract: The demand on closely-tolerated and complex functional components in the automotive sector, like e.g. synchronizer rings, leads to the...

Authors: Antonio del Prete, Gabriele Papadia, Barbara Manisi

Abstract: Ecological awareness and economic analysis force industry to decrease the weight of transportation vehicles and to achieve a higher product...

Authors: Aleš Petek, Karl Kuzman, Renato Fijavž

Abstract: The paper presents a modern manufacturing concept called the “backward incremental hole-flanging process”. It enables drawing necks on the...

Authors: Francesco Lambiase, Antoniomaria di Ilio

Abstract: The effect of roll drawing process parameters on geometrical characteristics of flat roll draw wires is analyzed. Low carbon steel wires...

Authors: Sebastian Rösel, Marion Merklein

Abstract: The need of light weight constructions and parts with tailored or even more homogeneous mechanical properties especially for structural...

Authors: Fahrettin Ozturk, Remzi Ecmel Ece, Naki Polat, Arif Koksal

Abstract: Ti-6Al-4V (Ti64) is the most commercially used heat treatable high strength/weight ratio, high corrosion, and thermal resistance alloy in...

Authors: Anja Neumann, Dirk Hortig, Marion Merklein

Abstract: This paper provides first results of a contact-free measurement system for monitoring the material flow in series production which has been...

Authors: M. Mehrara, Mohammad Javad Nategh

Abstract: In the present work the elastic bending of thin plate resting on rubber pad has been analyzed. The governing differential equations have...


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