Sheet Metal 2011

Volume 473

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Piotr Lacki, Konrad Adamus, Kwiryn Wojsyk, Marcin Zawadzki

Abstract: Welding operation of aircraft engine sheet part will be analyzed in this paper. The sheet part is made of narrow Inconel 706 sheet pieces....

Authors: Antonio Fiorentino, Roberto Marzi, Elisabetta Ceretti, Claudio Giardini

Abstract: Friction plays an important role in forming processes, in fact it influences the material flow and therefore it affects the process and part...

Authors: Mahmoud Farzin, Reza Jafari Nedoushan, Mohammad Mashayekhi

Abstract: A constitutive model is proposed for simulations of hot forming processes. Dominant mechanisms in hot forming including inter-granular...

Authors: Romain Boman, Jean Philippe Ponthot

Abstract: Due to the length of the mill, accurate modelling of stationary solution of continuous cold roll forming by the finite element method using...

Authors: Mohammad Reza Niroomand, Mohammad Reza Forouzan, Mahmoud Salimi

Abstract: Chatter is one of the most encountered vibration problems in high-speed rolling of thin steel sheets in tandem mills. Due to its negative...

Authors: Majid Elyasi, Hassan Khanlari, Mohammad Bakhshi-Jooybari

Abstract: In this paper, the effect of pressure path on thickness distribution and product geometry in the tube hydroforming process is studied by...

Authors: Hamzeh Shahrajabian, Khalil Khalili, M. Soheil Khalili

Abstract: One of the most effective methods of manufacturing conical parts is the hydroforming process. The pressure profile during forming is the...

Authors: Hasan Gedikli, Ömer Necati Cora, Muammer Koç

Abstract: This study numerically investigated the effects of process parameter variations such as blank holder forces (800kN-1200kN), strain rates...

Authors: V. Malikov, Ralf Ossenbrink, B. Viehweger, Vesselin Michailov

Abstract: Structured sheet metals with regular bumps offer higher stiffness compared to smooth sheet metals. They can be produced by a hydroforming...

Authors: Mahmoud Farzin, Reza Jafari Nedoushan, Mohammad Mashayekhi

Abstract: Constitutive models based on dominant mechanisms in hot forming are proposed. These models consider inter-granular deformation, grain...


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