The Removal of In2O3SnO4 Using a Round Bar-Shaped Micro Machining Tool for the Economic Recycling of Defective Displays


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A newly devised process using round bar-shaped electrodes and ultrasonic enhancement in a micro-electrochemical machining (UMECM) process is described. The purpose is the precise removal of In2O3SnO2 thin-film nanostructures from optoelectronic flat panel display color filter surfaces. In the current experiment it was found that a large surface area cathode and a small gap-size between the cathode and workpiece was found to remove the In2O3SnO2 rapidly. A high feed rate of the workpiece (the display with color filter) and adequate electrical power results in fast machining. Pulsed direct current improves dregs discharge and this is an advantage with a fast feed. A high electrode rotational speed also corresponds to faster removal of the In2O3SnO2 nanostructures. The development of the proposed precision production design is based on both technical and economic considerations.



Key Engineering Materials (Volumes 474-476)

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Garry Zhu




P. S. Pa, "The Removal of In2O3SnO4 Using a Round Bar-Shaped Micro Machining Tool for the Economic Recycling of Defective Displays", Key Engineering Materials, Vols. 474-476, pp. 1507-1510, 2011

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April 2011





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