A Software Integration Testing Architecture Based on Contract


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Under the guidance of DBC theory, a new architecture, called Integration Testing Architecture for Contract-Based System (ITACBS) is proposed in this paper. The ITACBS fully considers the characteristics of the component software, using the component interface of the contract document to describe the behavior of the system components.The aim of the ITACBS is to found the error between the components and the paste code and to achieve Integration Testing by monitoring and inspection contract. Compared with traditional method for packaging component,the method which used the ITACBS overcomes the non–state tracking of components caused by the unknown source.Test results show that the component wrapper can provide better testbility than other methods.



Key Engineering Materials (Volumes 474-476)

Edited by:

Garry Zhu






S. P. Yu and W. W. Mao, "A Software Integration Testing Architecture Based on Contract", Key Engineering Materials, Vols. 474-476, pp. 693-698, 2011

Online since:

April 2011




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