A Study of Stabilizer for Saline Sludge


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There is large-area saline sludge which should be stabilized in China. However when cement is used as a stabilizer the strength and stabilization effect on the soil is relatively poor. In this paper, In this paper Portland cement PC is compared to a soft soil stabilizer A developed by the authors for use in stabilizing chloride saline soil from the Tianjin Binhai New Area. The strength of stabilized soil was tested by comparative Analysis, and XRD and SEM tests were used to analyze the hydrate types in stabilized soil. Preliminary tests results suggest that the salts present in hydraulic sludge and stabilizer A were able to react and formed a new hydrate----- Ca4Al2Cl2O6 • 10H2O which cannot be produced by cement alone, and which can greatly increase strength of stabilized soil.



Edited by:

Hui Wu, Xiao-Qian Qian, Chong-zhi Li and Fei Li






Z. G. Li et al., "A Study of Stabilizer for Saline Sludge", Key Engineering Materials, Vol. 477, pp. 185-189, 2011

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April 2011




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