Study on the C80 High-Strength Rock Chips Concrete


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Rock chips is a potential substitutable material for river sand, which can effectively solve the shortage problem of the river sand in concrete. At present most studies are about the rock chips concrete concentrate on the normal-strength concrete. The studies about rock chips as a substitution for river sand in C80 high-strength concrete were carried out. At first the basic physical properties of raw material are analyzed and the performance requirements of the concrete are confirmed. And then on the basis of the river sand concrete, the influence of the dosage of rock chips on the C80 high-strength concrete at the same water-binder ratio was studied. The particle size of rock chips larger than 4.75mm was considered as the coarse aggregate. The results showed that the C80 high-strength rock chips concrete can be prepared by increasing the dosage of superplasticizer and binder. The early age strength of high-strength rock chips concrete is higher than that of river sand concrete, while the contrary results of the long-term strength. Considering lots of fine powder in the rock chips, the coarse sand and rock chips are mixed to be used, the mixing ratio needs to be determined by experiments. In the high-strength concrete, the rock chips with good particle size distribution and with lower content of particle size larger than 4.75mm is better.



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Hui Wu, Xiao-Qian Qian, Chong-zhi Li and Fei Li






Y. B. Yang et al., "Study on the C80 High-Strength Rock Chips Concrete", Key Engineering Materials, Vol. 477, pp. 218-223, 2011

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April 2011




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