Comparison of Fluidity between Metakaolin and Silica Fume Concretes


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Aiming at preparing the high performance concrete with metakaolin (MK) replacing silica fume (SF), comparison of fluidity between MK concrete and SF concrete was investigated in this paper. Slump, spread, and slump loss with time of fresh concrete under the condition of superplasticizer adding were tested, which containing with 5 to 15 wt. % replacement of MK, SF, combination of MK and ground granulated blastfurnace slag (GGBS), or combination of SF and GGBS, respectively. The mechanism for exploring fluidity difference of MK concrete and SF concrete were researched by measuring ζ potential and superplasticizer adsorption. The results indicate that concretes containing with 5 to 15 % MK were provided with better workability than concretes with SF. Fluidity of MK concretes incorporating with 5 to 15 % GGBS was better than that of SF concretes. Incorporating with 5 to 15% replacement, MK-cement-superplasticizer system present higher ζ potential, and lower superplasticizer adsorption than SF-cement-superplasticizer, which is an answer to why MK concrete has better fluidity than SF concrete. Physical filling effect of mineral additives is also is helpful to concrete fluidity.



Edited by:

Hui Wu, Xiao-Qian Qian, Chong-zhi Li and Fei Li






C. Wang et al., "Comparison of Fluidity between Metakaolin and Silica Fume Concretes", Key Engineering Materials, Vol. 477, pp. 95-101, 2011

Online since:

April 2011




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