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Authors: Xiao Qin Peng, Tao Huang, Shu Ping Wang
Abstract:Fine powders from crushed waste concretes have high water absorption and their reuse is limited. In this research the fine powders with...
Authors: Zhong Yuan Lu, Xun Xu, Jun Li
Abstract:In this study, coarse fly ash was ground with laboratory ball mill, vibration mill and jet mill respectively. The powder characteristic of...
Authors: Gai Fei Peng, Qi Bin Liu, Zhu Bo Guo, Qiao Xing Hou, Si Qi Cao, Jiu Feng Zhang
Abstract:This paper presents an experimental research on mechanical properties and permeability of recycled aggregate concrete (RAC). Concretes at a...
Authors: Shi Fa Xu, Xiao Hui Luo, Jie Ji, Zhen Li
Abstract:Warm-Recycled Mix Asphalt (WRMA) is a new type mixture that can not only reduces the mixing temperature and exhausting gas emissions but also...
Authors: Ming Yu Hu, Jin Sheng Peng, Cheng Ping Ding, Jian Yi Chen
Abstract:Durability improvement of concrete in the complex environments of chloride, sulfate and freeze-thaw, by incorporating compound mineral...
Authors: Xiao Xin Feng, Xue Li Xi, Ji Wei Cai, Hong Jun Chai, Yu Zeng Song
Abstract:Concretes of C30 and C60 were prepared with iron mine tailings as fine aggregate and coarse aggregate and with natural sand and common...
Authors: Han Dong Yan
Abstract:The electroplating sludge is a kind of solid waste material in the process of handling electroplating waste water, which has indefinite...
Authors: Chong Zhi Li, Quan Lin Niu, Guang Ming He
Abstract:Two kinds of the representative artifactitious aggregates, namely the calcium-base and silicon-base, were chosen in the experimental study....
Authors: Nattapong Damrongwiriyanupap, Yu Chang Liang, Yun Ping Xi
Abstract:In recent years, recycled aggregate concrete has been used in reinforced concrete structures. Concrete structures exposed to chloride...
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