Ecological Environment and Technology of Concrete

Volume 477

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Qing Wang, Zhao Yang Ding, J. Zhang, L.G. Qiu, Zhi Tong Sui

Abstract: As environment-friendly or green cement, the geopolymer cementitious material has high early age strength, good volume stability and...

Authors: Guang Cheng Long, Kun Lin Ma, You Jun Xie

Abstract: In order to understand microstructure characteristics and properties of reactive powder cementitious materials with low w/b, the A.C...

Authors: Zheng Mao Ye, Li Hua Wan, Mei Liu, Jun Chang

Abstract: As an advanced technology, carbonation reaction could dispose of industrial solid residues and sequestrate CO2 gas, save resources and...

Authors: Yun Fen Hou, Dong Min Wang

Abstract: This paper studies the influences of concentration and modulus of sodium silicate solution (Na activator) and sodium potassium silicate...

Authors: Quan Lin Niu, Chong Zhi Li, Shu Qing Zhao

Abstract: Material composition, mix proportion and physical properties of a low carbon cement with 90% of industrial refuse, properties of the cement...

Authors: Chong Wang, Chang Hui Yang, Chao Jun Wan, Yan Feng Tian

Abstract: Aiming at preparing the high performance concrete with metakaolin (MK) replacing silica fume (SF), comparison of fluidity between MK...

Authors: Wen Juan Zhou, Wei Niu, Jia Long Chen, Gui Bin Ji

Abstract: With the rapid development of fundamental construction, natural sand resources is getting less and less, artificial sand has become a new...

Authors: Shu Xia Ren, Zhen Guo Gao, Xiu Shu Tian

Abstract: The influence of silica fume on the Performance of PALC was studied and the mechanism was analyzed by XRD and SEM in the paper. The results...

Authors: Gui Hai Qi, Xiao Qin Peng

Abstract: Phosphorous slag, one of the pozzolanic active materials, is a by-product from the production of yellow phosphorous. In this paper,...

Authors: Bao Lin Zhu, Xin Huang, Ye Guo

Abstract: On the basis of the principle for the highest filling degree of cement hydrates, it is synthetically considered that a matching connection...


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