Ecological Environment and Technology of Concrete

Volume 477

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Ye Guo, Xin Huang, Bao Lin Zhu

Abstract: By regarding the powder particles warpped with water film as compounded particles, the packing density of powder particles in actual paste...

Authors: Zhi Yong Liu, Yun Sheng Zhang, Guo Wen Sun, Qian Jiang, Wei Wei Zhu

Abstract: The early hydration process was investigated using ultrasonic monitoring apparatus for pastes made with various mineral admixtures: silica...

Authors: Qin Wang, Jia Long Chen, Chang Cheng Zhang, Wei Niu

Abstract: The effect of mineralogical origin, elemental component, crystal structure of three types of limestone powder on the fluidity of...

Authors: Tian Yong Huang, Yun Fen Hou

Abstract: Limestone powder and coal ash are selected to prepare compound cementitious material with clinker. It is found that with the increasing of...

Authors: Dong Min Wang, Zhi Hua Liu, Wei Feng Xiong

Abstract: The rheological property is the best method which can directly reflect the dispersion property of polymer surfactants. In this paper, the...

Authors: Jie Ji, Xiao Hui Luo

Abstract: In order to evaluate the impact of Sasobit on asphalt, the 2%,3%,4% and 5% Sasobit by mass of asphalt are blended into two types of base...

Authors: Chang Hui Yang, Fang Wu, Ke Chen

Abstract: The set of alkali-activated slag cement (AASC) and concrete and the measures for set-retarding were reviewed. Due to the fast set of high...

Authors: Zhen Guo Gao, Shu Xia Ren, Yu Fang Han, Huzi Hong Liang

Abstract: The influence of an alkali-free concrete hardening accelerator on the performance of the concrete was studied, the hydration heat and the...

Authors: Qing Qing Ye, Xiao Qian Qian, Jun Ying Lai

Abstract: The environmental fire retardant mentioned in this paper was compounded of disodium octaborate tetrahydrate and silicon dioxygen(SiO2)gels....

Authors: Zhan Guo Li, Yin Cheng, Xin Huang, Xiao Ming Shen

Abstract: There is large-area saline sludge which should be stabilized in China. However when cement is used as a stabilizer the strength and...


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