Ecological Environment and Technology of Concrete

Volume 477

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: H.M. Hu, Z.X. Yao, S.Y. Zeng, B.B. Yu

Abstract: The compatibility between underwater-washout admixture(AWA) and two different types of superplasticizers, polycarboxylate-type and...

Authors: Lu Feng Pang, Shi Ye Ruan, Yong Tao Cai

Abstract: This paper focuses on the shrinkage of concrete, influenced by the different mixing amount of super absorbent polymer—SAP and extra-water....

Authors: Cai Lin Liu, Yu Rong Zhang, Xian Yan Ren, Hai Jun Yang, Jun Xiao Yang

Abstract: A bislauramide concrete foaming agent was prepared in good yield by a simple synthetic route using readily available hexamethylenediamine,...

Authors: Qin Fei Li, Yong Ge, Wen Cui Yang, Jie Yuan, Ji Shou Yu

Abstract: Combined with the foam stability of air-entraining admixtures (AEAs), the effect of salt admixtures (including CaCl2, Ca(NO3)2, Na2SO4 and...

Authors: Yi Bo Yang, Hao Man Chen, Shu Min Wu, Yi Xin Peng, Can Kun Li, Wu Bin Zheng, Zhen Lin Lin, Wen Ying Guo

Abstract: Rock chips is a potential substitutable material for river sand, which can effectively solve the shortage problem of the river sand in...

Authors: Xi Xi He, Zhi Hui Xie

Abstract: Along with deterministic size effect theory statement, Weibull distributed size effect has been neglected generally. The author believes...

Authors: Ji Wei Cai, Ji Xu Wu, Zheng Hang Lü, Guang Liang Gao

Abstract: The discarded mill tailings behind the dam will cause disasters at any time. A solution to this problem may be to utilize those wastes, e.g....

Authors: Bao Min Wang, Wei Liu, Li Yan Zhao

Abstract: How to deal with used rubber has become a difficult problem worldwide. Adding powdered used tires in certain grain sizes to cement concrete...

Authors: Ming Li Cao, Hang Yao, Li Jiu Wang

Abstract: As a kind of monocrystal reinforcing material, CaCO3 whisker has good characteristics of high strength, high module and high thermal...

Authors: Qing Xin Zhao, Jin Rui Zhang, Zhao Yang Liu, Ran Ran Zhao

Abstract: By means of the three-point bending impact equipment, with the measurement of ultrasonic velocity, the low velocity impact damage evolution...


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