Ecological Environment and Technology of Concrete

Volume 477

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Hong Mei Ai, Li Jiu Wang, Jing Wei, Jun Ying Bai, Pu Guang Lu

Abstract: Introduced the concept of “Cementitious Coefficient” of fly ash, theoretical formula of strength of HFCC at a certain age was found with two...

Authors: Zhi Min He, Jun Zhe Liu

Abstract: This paper carried out experiments to investigate the change of water absorption gradient of standard curing concretes and steam-cured...

Authors: Li Xiong Gao, Li Juan Kong, Xue Gang Du

Abstract: Testing strength curve of 1400~1900 density grade lightweight aggregate concrete by rebound method was studied systematically. Results show...

Authors: Yi Xu, Lin Hua Jiang, Hong Qiang Chu, Lei Chen

Abstract: In this study, the effects of fiber types on the mechanical properties of lightweight aggregate concretes were investigated. Three types of...

Authors: Shao Wei Yao, Zhen Guo Gao, Chang Rui Wang

Abstract: The properties of recycled coarse aggregate and the slump, the physical and mechanical properties and durability of recycled aggregate...

Authors: Li Bo Bian, Shao Min Song

Abstract: Considering large number production of the abandoned tyres and the question of the concrete with mixture of crumb rubber,the mainly task of...

Authors: Fei Li, Jia Long Cheng, Wen Juan Zhou

Abstract: An overview on a project of recycling and utilization of construction and demolition waste was presented in the paper. The waste was used...

Authors: Li An Zhou, Jia Long Chen

Abstract: Recycling and reusing construction waste has become one of the focus issues which should be solved urgently in China with the rapid...

Authors: Xiao Ping Cai, Wen Cui Yang, Jie Yuan, Yong Ge, Bao Sheng Zhang

Abstract: The effect of low temperature (-35°C) on the mechanical properties of concrete with different strength grade such as compressive strength,...

Authors: Jian Qiang Wei, Ming Li Cao, Hang Yao

Abstract: As the composite of materials, fibers compositing, which can give full play to synergism of each fiber’s reinforcement, will become an...


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