Ecological Environment and Technology of Concrete

Volume 477

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Xi Xi He, She Yong Lin, Xue Cheng Zhen

Abstract: The authors experimentally studied the size effect of axial compressive properties of concrete cube and slenderness ratio of 2:1 prism with...

Authors: Yue Li, Xiu Li Du, Chun E Sui

Abstract: Self-compacting Concrete (SCC) has many good properties such as high fluidity, good cohesiveness and resistance to segregation. Therefore,...

Authors: Gai Fei Peng, Yan Teng

Abstract: This paper presents a review of advances in research on fire resistance of high-strength concrete (HSC) and ultra-high-strength concrete...

Authors: Qian Wang, Zheng Yue Ren, Zhe Zhang

Abstract: This paper introduces the research results of the thermal stability and the delayed formation of ettringite in China and abroad. Aiming at...

Authors: Li Juan Kong, Yong Ge, Li Xiong Gao

Abstract: Influence of curing condition on internal relative humidity (IRH) of specified density concrete with different w/b ratios, pore structure of...

Authors: Fang Fang Hou, Juan Hong Liu

Abstract: Based on the rapid determination of chloride diffusion coefficient with NEL method and pore structure analysis, the influence of HCSA...

Authors: Jun Ying Lai, Xiao Qian Qian, Shu Lin Zhan, Min Hui Fang

Abstract: Concrete durability is one of the most important considerations in the design of new structures in aggressive environments. It generally...

Authors: Jian Hua Wu, Yun Lan Liu

Abstract: This paper studies the influence of different mineral admixtures(fly ash and ground granulated blast furnace slag)on the carbonation...

Authors: Chong Shen, Xiao Qian Qian, Kuang Liang Qian

Abstract: The first 3d early shrinkage of recycled concrete from initial setting time with different replacement rates of recycled aggregate was...

Authors: Jia Cheng Li, Wen Ying Guo, Jing Wei Wu, Yi Bo Yang

Abstract: The pretreatment of concrete rapid chloride migration coefficient (RCM) method in different standard is different in China. However the...


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