Ecological Environment and Technology of Concrete

Volume 477

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Ming Lu, Yi Bo Yang, Jia Cheng Li, Wen Ying Guo

Abstract: For reducing the consumption and pollution of the sodium chloride (NaCl), the effect of reducing the NaCl concentration on the result of...

Authors: Xin Gu, Lin Xiao Ouyang

Abstract: Hydraulic concrete is a versatile and most popular construction material. Its long-term performance depends on the interactions with the...

Authors: Jun Ying Bai, Hong Mei Ai, Pu Guang Lu

Abstract: Oxygen ions are the necessary condition for steel corrosion which occurs when the steel’s passive film is destroyed. Oxygen ions diffusion...

Authors: Wen Cui Yang, Yong Ge, Bao Sheng Zhang, Jie Yuan

Abstract: Freezing-thawing durability of cement concrete is extremely important in cold weather, to better understand mechanism of frost damage and...

Authors: Jia Chun Wang

Abstract: It is known that apparent activation energy of the binders in concrete characterizes the sensitivity of concrete hydration processes to...

Authors: Qing Han, Yi Hang Wang, Guo Wei Zhang, Hui Wu

Abstract: Tilt-up is a method for constructing concrete wall rapidly and economically without formwork. A large number of tilt-up structures have been...

Authors: Li Li, Li Jiu Wang

Abstract: The comparison matrixes are obtained from decision makers might be contradictory, moreover an modified check method is proposed. Grey...

Authors: Quan Xi Ye, Yan Xia Zhang, Yun Peng Li

Abstract: Construction process simulation analysis for high-rise steel frame concrete core-wall structure is conducted by using ABAQUS .The influences...

Authors: Qi Pu, Lin Hua Jiang, Jin Xia Xu, Hong Qiang Chu, Yi Xu

Abstract: A new method was presented to study the content of the soluble alkali in mortar. The method was based on mixing powdered sample with...

Authors: Li Wen Zhang, Jun Ping Zhang, Zuo Sun

Abstract: The study on compressive strength of fiber reinforced polymer confined concrete was conducted in this paper. Firstly, the general...


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