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Authors: W.C. Luo, Y.L. Ke, Shuang Shii Lian, F.M. Chu
Abstract:Nickel-free high nitrogen stainless steel has become more important due to its impressive mechanical and corrosion properties. In contrast to...
Authors: Gang Yang, Zheng Dong Liu, Shi Chang Cheng, Mu Xin Yang
Abstract:The mechanism of brittleness due to slow cooling during quenching was experimentally investigated in 12% Cr martensitic heat resistant steel....
Authors: Dong Yih Lin, Sheng Min Yang
Abstract:Inclusion in steel material plays a decisive role on the purity of steels that becomes more important in the energy critical age. This study...
Authors: Guo Jun Zhang, Yi Zhao, Bin Li, Rui Hong Wang, Gang Lui, Jun Sun
Abstract:The molybdenum alloy sheets composite strengthened by silicon and lanthanum oxide were prepared by powder metallurgy technology with...
Authors: Shih Han Wang, Chi Y.A. Tsao
Abstract:Magnesium materials are gaining an increasing interest especially in transportation industries. The goals are the reduction of fuel and the...
Authors: Yong Jiang, Jian Ming Gong, Zheng Gang Yu, Dong Song Rong
Abstract:In this paper, mechanical performance test, slow strain rate test (SSRT) and optical microscopy analysis were employed in studying the effect...
Authors: Ke Wei Fang, Guan Jun Li, Guang Fu Li, Wu Yang, Mao Long Zhang, Zhi Yuan Sun
Abstract:The microstructures and mechanical properties of a dissimilar metal weld A508/52M/316L used in the primary water system of pressurized water...
Authors: Kai Chen Kuo, Pee Yew Lee, Jai Yush Yen
Abstract:In the current study, the amorphization behavior of mechanically alloyed Ni57Zr20Ti22Ge1 powder was examined in details. The conventional...
Authors: Fei Wang, Ya Ping Wang
Abstract:Microstructure evolution of high energy milled Al-50wt%Si alloy during heat treatment at different temperature was studied. Scanning electron...
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