Dynamics of the Structures and Non Destructive Testing

Volume 482

doi: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/KEM.482

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Authors: A. Mahi, E.A. Adda-Bedia, A. Benkhedda

Abstract: The purpose of this paper is to present exact solutions for the free vibration of symmetrically laminated composite beams. The present...

Authors: L. Elmaimouni, J.E. Lefebvre, F.E. Ratolojanahary, A. Raherison, B. Bahani, T. Gryba

Abstract: Legendre polynomial method which describes the structure and incorporates automatically the boundary conditions in constitutive and...

Authors: Taoufiq Belhoussine Drissi, Bruno Morvan, Mihai Predoi, Jean Louis Izbicki, Pascal Pareige

Abstract: We are interested in a right junction of two plates of different materials (aluminum and copper) placed in contact edge to edge. The aim of...

Authors: Kossi Atchonouglo, Olivier Bonneau, Pascal Jolly, Claude Vallée

Abstract: Within the linear region, the oil-film force increment of journal bearing is a fourdegree- of-freedom linear system. This paper presents an...

Authors: Christian Garnier, Toufik Djilali, Romain Brault, Sébastien Mistou

Abstract: The first aim of this study is to analyze the impact behavior of pre-loaded composite. Indeed, a bi-axial load is applied to the composite...

Authors: Ali Badidi Bouda, Mohammed S. Aljohani, Ahmed Mebtouche, Rafik Halimi, Wahiba Djerir

Abstract: A mechanical or thermal treatment of a material can change, among other things, the average grains size. It depends on temperature, holding...

Authors: Marina Fazzini, Olivier Dalverny, Sébastien Mistou

Abstract: The aim of this work is to identify parameters driving constitutive equations of materials with displacement field measurements carried out...

Authors: Kamal Ait Tahar, Nora Harb

Abstract: The specific properties of material, such as resistance, the cost and the weight, become key factors in the decision making and the choice...

Authors: Fabien Duco, Jean Pierre Faye, Serge Caperaa, Eric Reubrez

Abstract: France is a country composed of moderate seismic hazard regions but however vulnerable to earthquakes. Indeed, only a few parts of existing...


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