Polynomial Approach Modeling of Resonator Piezoelectric Disc


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Legendre polynomial method which describes the structure and incorporates automatically the boundary conditions in constitutive and propagation equations is used to model acoustic wave cylindrical resonators. It is the first time this method is applied to study standing rather than propagative waves. The advantage of this approach is, in a unique formulation, to take into account electric sources. The analytical and numerical resolutions are presented to highlight the potentialities of the Legendre polynomial approach. The vibration characteristics of piezoelectric discs with regard to diameter to thickness D/H ratios are analyzed by the three dimensional modeling approach through both modal and harmonic analyses. Resonance and antiresonance frequencies, electric input impedance, dispersion curves, field profiles and electromechanical coupling coefficient, easily obtained, are presented for PZT5A resonator piezoelectric discs. To validate our approach, the results using our 3D polynomial modelling of acoustic wave resonator are compared with those obtained by an approximated analytical method. The developed software proves to be very efficient to retrieve the radial modes of all orders.



Edited by:

Moussa Karama






L. Elmaimouni et al., "Polynomial Approach Modeling of Resonator Piezoelectric Disc", Key Engineering Materials, Vol. 482, pp. 11-20, 2011

Online since:

June 2011




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