A Broadband Frequency Piezoelectric Vibration Energy Harvester


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As the low-power wireless sensor components and the development of micro electromechanical systems, long-term supply of components is a major obstacle of their development. One of solutions to this problem is based on the environmental energy collection of piezoelectric vibration energy harvesting. Currently, frequency band of piezoelectric vibration energy harvester is narrow and the frequency is high, which is not fit for the vibration energy acquisition in the natural environment. A piezoelectric vibration energy harvester with lower working frequency and broader band is designed and a test system to analyze the harvester is presented in this paper. The traditional mass is replaced by a permanent magnet in this paper, While other two permanent magnets are also placed on the upper and above of the piezoelectric cantilever. Experiments showed, under the 0.5g acceleration, compared with the traditional non-magnetic piezoelectric vibration energy harvesting, a piezoelectric cantilever (length 40mm, width 8mm, thickness 0.8mm) has a peak-peak voltage of 32.4V, effectively enlarges working frequency band from 67HZ-105HZ to 63HZ-108HZ.



Edited by:

Xiaohao Wang






H. A. Ma et al., "A Broadband Frequency Piezoelectric Vibration Energy Harvester", Key Engineering Materials, Vol. 483, pp. 626-630, 2011

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June 2011




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