MEMS/NEMS Nano Technology

Volume 483

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Li Qun Du, Qi Jia Wang, Xiao Lei Zhang

Abstract: SU-8 photoresist has received a lot of attention in the MEMS field because of its excellent lithography properties. However, its high...

Authors: Zheng Yi Niu, Xue Zhong Wu, Pei Tao Dong, Ding Bang Xiao, Zhan Qiang Hou, Zhi Hua Chen, Xu Zhang

Abstract: Anisotropic wet etching is a key processing step for the fabrication of microstructures. In general, convex corner structures and non {111}...

Authors: Jian An Lv, Zhen Chuan Yang, Gui Zheng Yan, Yong Cai, Bao Shun Zhang, Kevin J. Chen

Abstract: In this article, integrated AlGaN/GaN cantilevers on (111) silicon substrate are fabricated and characterized. The process started with...

Authors: Dong Sheng She, Xiao Dong Wang, Xi Wen Zhang, Li Ding Wang

Abstract: The dynamic testing system for MEMS in low temperature environment has been developed. A thermoelectric cooling refrigerator was utilized to...

Authors: Jin Tang Shang, Jun Wen Liu, Di Zhang, Bo Yin Chen, Chao Xu, Xin Hu Luo, Hui Yu, Jing Dong Liu, Qin Gan Huang, Jie Ying Tang, Ming Qin

Abstract: Many MEMS devices including accelerometer and gyroscopes, having moving parts, requires hermetic and low cost packaging. In this paper we...

Authors: Qi Fang Hu, Cheng Chen Gao, Yi Long Hao, Yang Xi Zhang

Abstract: This work focuses on the etching characteristic of (100) silicon wafer in surfactant added tetramethyl-ammonium-hydroxide (TMAH:(...

Authors: Le Guan, Jia Li Gao, Jin Kui Chu

Abstract: The methods of on-chip integrated testing have a wide application with the development of the study for MEMS materials properties...

Authors: Jian Cui, Zhong Yang Guo, Qian Cheng Zhao, Zhen Chuan Yang, Yi Long Hao, Gui Zhen Yan

Abstract: This paper proposed an effective approach for extending the bandwidth of MEMS vibratory gyroscope by employing the electrostatic force...

Authors: Fan Tao Meng, Jin Kui Chu, Gang Luo, Zhi Tao Han, Zhi Wen Wang

Abstract: Flexible polymer stamps are considered as an attractive alternative to rigid, brittle and expensive stamps made of inorganic materials...


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