MEMS/NEMS Nano Technology

Volume 483

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Zhen Huang, Jian Zhu, Le Lu

Abstract: Data acquisition system for barometric capacitive pressure sensor with high accuracy is present. The precision of the data acquisition...

Authors: Xiao Yan Liu, Zhao Ying Zhou, Wei Xiong

Abstract: Fall is a risky event in the elderly people’s daily life, it often cause serious injury both in physiology and psychology. A MEMS attitude...

Authors: Wei Ping Chen, Qing Yi Wang, Liang Yin, Zhi Ping Zhou

Abstract: In this work, an ASIC interface for quartz rate sensor (QRS) is introduced. Based on 0.6μm 18V N-well CMOS process, it is the first to be...

Authors: Shao Hua Wu, Zhan Zhao, Zhen Fang, Li Dong Du, Dao Qu Geng, Jing Xu, Jun Juan Zhao

Abstract: MEMS sensor for solution conductivity measurement has been applied widely which has many advantages such as cheap, accurate, batch...

Authors: Xiao Wei Liu, Bing Jun Lv, Peng Fei Wang, Liang Yin, Na Xu

Abstract: The reference is an important part in the accelerometer system. With the development of science and technology, the request of the...

Authors: Wei Ping Chen, Tian Yang Wang, Hong Lei Xu, Xiao Wei Liu

Abstract: A novel structure for CMOS four-quadrant analog multiplier is presented. The multiplier is based on the square law of MOSFET. To enlarge the...

Authors: Jin Yun Jiang, Da Ming Wu, Ya Jun Zhang, Jian Zhuang

Abstract: Micro heat exchanger, with its advantages such as small volume, light weight, high efficiency etc. has an increasing demand of market needs...

Authors: Wei Wang, Zhi Yu Wen, Zhi Hai Zhang, Xiang Xia Mo

Abstract: The realization of Hadamard Transform (HT) encoding mask is the key technology to Hadamard Transform Spectroscopy. In order to realize HT...

Authors: Zheng Zhu, Xiao Ping Liao, Di Hua

Abstract: This paper proposes a sophisticated type of capacitive clamped beam RF MEMS power sensor, which is fabricated on GaAs substrate with MMIC...

Authors: Hai Xi Lu, Yong Ping Xu, Shou Rong Wang

Abstract: A CMOS integrated interface circuit for micro-machined gyroscope containing a novel front-end and 6th-order Sigma-delta modulator is...


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